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A selection of oil paintings grouped in distinct triads: winter ridges, imaginal figures and summer waves. This inaugural show of the gallery gathers a focused embrace of the range of Judith Reeve’s interests.

These nine paintings, fully developed works of art, capture the creative maturity of Judith Reeve’s work. As her practice reveals, Reeve paints from an attentive posture, engaging her subjects at a level of depth, immersion, and intuitive wonder. In addition, six supplementary works related to the main pieces provide a glimpse into the creative process. Enjoy!

Artist Statement:

This first show conjures an image of a flowing together of several themes to form a single, dominant thrust. These are the tributaries that activate my imagination and express a tangible and personal engagement with the world. Whether I am painting a snow-covered ridge or the sea plein air, or meditating on the model in the studio, each theme appears separate yet partakes of a unified movement, a current that forms the body of my work.

Below are six additional auxiliary works developed as studies for images of the show.